Poisoned by association. Guilty by suggestion.

Only with breaking apart ourselves can we rebuild the person they robbed us of.

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“Monolonging” for something more. Who the fuck am I writing for, anymore? I used to believe that words could fly through the folds of time. Connect the dreams of the deceased to the pondering hands of those present. I used to keep my laptop without a password, so if I were to die, my dreams…

A little accommodation for me, please.

I have a rant that has been bubbling inside of my mind since the start of the pandemic. I want to preface this with a little backstory of my own. When I was a child, I was sickly. Even as an infant, I would vomit up formula regularly. The stomach issues did not end as…

Until I woke up

Once, I had a dream… where a monochromatic sky opened its mouth and I rolled out off a long velvet tongue. I shot towards a shoreline like a meteor. My skin was as hot as the center of a blazing star. My hair was stuck to my face, neck, and shoulders like moss to the…

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