Her favorite color

I gaze up into the vast emptiness of the afternoon sky and say to you

My favorite color is powder blue

Little wrinkles bunch up around the velvet skin of your rosy lips

You order me to admire every hue

Branches of veins, hot with intuition, dance just beneath the tender skin of my throat

I can sense you tremble as they do

My callused fingertips entangle themselves in clumps of damp grass next to your thighs

The earth retains its breath just for us two

Clouds pregnant with rain march across the atmosphere in a hurry to abandon the sun

A release of tension long overdue

Dread buries itself deep within the aching hallows of my abdomen

It is as if you already knew

A firm hand slides under my clamped jaw and points it towards the heaves

My favorite color is being subdued

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